1. Freight Forwarding (Port to Port)

We are able to offer you a choice of carriers with secured capacities as we hold allotments from various airlines. Just to Indonesia ports alone, we have a daily confirmed space of 40 tons.

2. DDP (Delivered Duties Paid)

We can deliver your goods from Singapore to the doorstep of your consignee in any cities in Indonesia within 3 days. For time sensitive items, there is an 8-hours express service available to Jakarta.

3. On-Board-Courier (OBC)

We have a team of experienced personnel whom can hand carry your urgent parcel from Singapore to any parts of the world, up to the doorstep of your consignee.

4. Aircraft Charter

For your odd-size/over dimensional cargo with delivery dateline, we can source suitable aircraft to enable timely arrival at destinations. We have available aircrafts with payload of 5 tons (Fokker 28) to freighter of 120 tons (AN124).

5. AOG and Ship’s spares

We specialize in the handling of AOG parts and Ship’s spares in transit, valuables and perishables which are all highly time sensitive.

6. Just-In-Time delivery

For those customers whom want a controlled pick up and delivery service to match their inventory needs, this is another service which we can provide.

7. Multi-vendor Consolidation

Our warehouse receive cargo from various local and oversea suppliers, pack, before freighting to various destinations in Indonesia.

8. De-consolidation

 We provide break bulk service for import consolidated shipments and deliver to various local buyers.