Satsaco Express Transportation Pte Ltd was set up in 1988, specializing in Express Freight services to Indonesia. We are using Singapore and Hong Kong as the transhipment hubs to connect to various cities in Indonesia.

Speed, being our expertise, enable us to craft a niche market in express and time sensitive freight. We are able to deliver door to door, as well as port to port, within 24 hours to any cities in Indonesia.

Specialized services are available to cater for Aircraft On Ground parts (AOG), ship’s spares in transit, valuables and personal effects. We are able to deliver such items within 8 hours, from your doorstep in Singapore to your consignee doorstep in Jakarta.

This performance is achievable by constantly upgrading our capabilities using technology and a network of customs brokers to avoid delays in cargo clearance. Service Quality is achieved and maintained by our team of motivated staff through continuous training in operational procedures, problem-solving and customers relations.

With Satsaco, you can be rest assured of speedy and timely delivery of your shipments, as we work closely with airlines whom understand our need for speed and support us with confirmed space capacities.

Satsaco is a member of the Singapore Aircargo Association (SAAA) and also an accredited agent of the International Air Transport Association (IATA).